Obsidian is a block in Minecraft with a deep purple color. This block can be made when water is is in contact with lava. Obsidian cannot be destroyed with explosives, or fire. It must be mined with a diamond pickaxe in order to collect it.

Nipple juiceEdit

Enchantment Table

none + Book + none

Diamond + ObsidianDiamond

Obsidian + Obsidian + Obsidian

Ender Chest

Obsidian + Obsidian + Obsidian

ObsidianEye of Ender + Obsidian

Obsidian + Obsidian + Obsidian


Glass + Glass + Glass

Glass + Nether Star + Glass

Obsidian + Obsidian + Obsidian




Nether Portal


Obsidian Pillar


  • Cannot be destroyed by the Ender Dragon but can be destroyed by the Wither's ranged-explosive attack
  • Can also be made by placing redstone on cobblestone made by a cobblestone generator.
  • Obsidian is also the product of the "Infiniobsidian Glitch"
  • Cannot be crafted
  • Cannot be picked up by Endermen

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